Rainbow Trout And Trout Flies

Alaska is home to many wonders of nature not the least of which is the rainbow trout. Trout fishing is a sport enjoyed by many anglers not only in Alaska, but all over the world.

Rainbow trout are known to be quite aggressive and picky to boot. While it may take a long time to get them to bite, once you have them on your line you are in for quite a fight. These fish are quite spirited and can put up quite a battle, which of course, is one reason why anglers love fishing for them.

Trout are very picky eaters and many trout anglers tie their own flies in order to get the best presentation to tempt this finicky fish. Trout flies must be just so in order for the fish to bite so whether you tie them yourself or buy them, you must make sure they closely resemble the natural food source of the fish.

There are two types of flies – dry files and wet flies. The dry flies are supposed to resemble insects floating on top of the water or hatches just emerging. Therefore, they are designed to float. Conversely, wet flies are meant to sink. Either they should go right to the bottom or hang a few inches under the water depending on what insect they are emulating. gear for the fishing

Streamers are flies that sink to just a few inches below the water. Their goal is to resemble a minnow swimming up near the top. Another type of fly that sinks just a few inches is called a nymph – this is supposed to resemble insect larvae floating in the current. The nymph can also sink to the bottom as it might in real life.

When selecting or tying flies for rainbow trout fishing, one should always find out what the natural food at the time you will be fishing is in the particular body of water that you want to fish. Make sure your flies resemble whatever the food of that time frame will be.

Fishing can be a great way to get the whole family involved in outdoor sports, you can even plan a fishing vacation and fish for rainbow trout in Alaska. You can find loding ant one of many wonderful lodges and enjoy the Alaskan scenery and culture while you are there. While fishing for trout can be fun for the whole family, you might want to make sure small children stick to something a little less challenging like sunfish!

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